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The Most Frequently Observed Roofing Problems and Prevention Methods

May 20


Roofs aren't something that homeowners often think about. If problems do arise, roofs can move to the forefront of their mind. A sturdy roof is crucial for many other areas of your house. Leaksand ice dams punctures and more could turn into a huge problem when you don't contact a roofing professional as soon as you can. This article will address the most frequent roof problems, as well as the best solutions for prevention.


Leaks are the most frequent roofing issue. There are a myriad of ways a leak can happen in your roof, but the results are generally identical. Leaks may damage drywall flooring, furniture electrical appliances, and more. Find a solution to a roof leak by calling your local roofing firm. It is possible to use temporary techniques to repair the leak, should you be able to access your roof. As a last resort, place a bucket on top of the roof. The roofers who live in Butler pa will be able to successfully and safely solve the issue.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters are commonly thought of as an added feature to your roof. But, they could be a source of a variety of impacts on the roof. Gutters can take water off your roof away from the foundation and home. Incorrect gutter installation could cause leaks along the roof's edges in the areas where it's the most vulnerable. If the drainage pipe does not carry water far enough away from your home, then your foundation could also be at risk.


Be sure to employ a reliable roofing contractor to install your gutters. Keep them clear of debris by cleaning them up 3-4 times per year. It's particularly important during winter months when poor drainage could lead to the development of ice dams. Piles of snow can build up on top of the frozen water that is stuck in the gutters, putting unnecessary stress on your roof, compromising its structural integrity. Gutters are not a must-have accessory.


Punctures and Falling Decbris

There are many reasons your roof could get damaged. One reason is nail popping. Changes in temperature can cause the material that compose your roof to expand and contract. The wear and tear it creates can force nails out of place and send them through the shingles above, creating easy access to water.


A different reason that causes punctures is fallen debris. Fallsing branches or debris that are carried by strong winds could result in severe roof damage and endanger the lives of those within. To make sure that your trees are sturdy and healthy, you should consult an arborist.



The most sought-after type of roof in America is the asphalt shingle. They can last between 10 to 20 years. In that time the roof can withstand severe storms, heavy snows as well as a torrent of rain and the many seasons that trigger expansion and contraction, as described above.


The good news is you don't need to be a skilled roofing company butler pa to spot the signs of a deteriorating roof. It is enough to look at your roof from below every now and again. It is important to keep a record of any curling or missing shingles. UV rays can lead to extreme fading. There is a growth of mold or moss as another indication. Hairline fractures could also happen within the shingles. But, this is more difficult to identify from the ground.


Poor Installation

It is possible that you have recently bought a new roof, but have noticed problems with it. If this is the case, it's possible that the roof may have been improperly installed. Bad installations will lead to all of the problems mentioned earlier within the first few years of the roof's lifespan. If your warranty is still valid, talk to the roofing company you contracted.


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