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The Homeowner's Guide To Hail Roof Damage

Dec 11

Winter can cause stress for homeowners. Hail might be another type of winter weather.

Hail at is a type of ice fragment that can vary in speed, size, and appearance. Your roof may also be damaged, especially if the damage is not noticed immediately.

How severe can hail damage to roofs be?

Any hailstone can cause damage to roofs, depending on their condition and speed.

  • Hail in the Shape of a Dime

Although hail is not usually dangerous, it can cause hailstones as small as a penny to tear asphalt shingles.

  • Hail in Quarter Size

Hail between the sizes of a quarter of a dime and a dollar may not cause major damage but it can cause roof damage and accelerate erosion. Higher speeds are more likely to cause damage.

  • Half-dollar

Any hailstone greater than a quarter of a gallon can cause damage to your roof.

How do you determine if hail

There is a wide range of roofing materials available, but most have the same basic characteristics. The majority of materials can be classified into asphalt/shingle, slate/ceramic or metal.

  • Checks at the Ground

Inspect the area around your home for damage from storms. Do not wait until there is a leak to find out if your roof has been damaged.

  • Examining Metal Components of Roofs

Hail damage can cause damage to your roof's flashings and vents. Small holes, scrapes, and dents are all signs of hail damage.

Roofs made of asphalt or other soft tiles

Asphalt roofs make up the most common type and are found on nearly all properties.

  • Look out for granules and debris in your gutters. These are signs of hail damage but they don't always indicate hail.

  • Take a look at the shingles and see if any spots are missing from the asphalt substrate.

Roofs made of slate or ceramic

Large stone barriers made of slate can withstand severe abuse. These signs indicate hail damage to slate:

Tiles punctured with hail will leave them with clean, sharp-edged cuts Small cracks and punctures could cause damage to the tiles

It is vital to inspect tiles immediately after hailstorms have caused damage.

Chipped edges or corners that are cracked are other signs of hail damage.